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Adam Horkavy

Integrative Bodyworks

MA39203/ Establishment # MM35864

Holistic bodywork and athletic therapy

Interactive Bodyworks is a unique integrative method curated by Adam Horkavy, owing to the many distinct modalities and alternative techniques he’s explored to unwind repetitive dysfunction and facilitate movement. Located above Art of Acupuncture, you’ll find the space centering, surrounded by spiritual and theological inspiration. 

Adam’s techniques, including myofascial release, Thai massage, shiatsu, neuromuscular, and trigger-point release are used to reboot muscle and fascial memory. Coupled with a Thai-inspired integration of manual movement through dynamic stretching, new muscle memory and fascial relief is created. Every session begins with a thorough conversational discovery of what your body is experiencing and how peripheral occurrences in your life may be impacting your musculature.

Graduated from the Humanities Center in 2002

Registered 200HR Yoga Teacher: Ashtanga

Interactive Bodyworks has evolved since its origin, being especially shaped by Ashtanga yoga. It is a strong, layered practice; contrasting swift asana with long holds, each posture building on the previous. Adam Horkavy brings this disciplined experience to each session, implementing traditional therapeutic methods with the contrast of inspired holistic release. 

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Relax, Restore, Reinvigorate

Relax, Restore, Reinvigorate

Adam is not only adept at all the massage techniques you are likely used to, he excels at merging the benefits of his Ashtanga practice and Thai Massage with dynamic stretching and movement and a well developed intuitive sense for reading the energy of the body he is working on and gently yet significantly increasing the range of motion of muscles and ligaments in a challenging yet completely attainable assisted release. This unique blend of movement and energy disciplines makes massage by Adam a far more corrective and lasting result than is typically achieved with massage alone.
— Christina Bickley Didyk, Dom, Certified Chi Kung Instructor


Come on Up

Enter through the back gate and you will find me in the upstairs apartment at:

The Art of Acupuncture clinic/ Integrative BodyWorks (upstairs) MA39203/ Establishment #MM3864

2941 5th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713
United States