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I am proud to have over 10 years of experience practicing Chinese Medicine, and a graduate degree with Honors from both the University of Florida, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, Fl with a Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.


Specializing in pain of any kind, structural issues, pediatric and geriatric issues, auto-immune and adrenal insufficiency disorders, metabolic issues and organ disease, emotion and stress based dysfunction and quite frankly clearing the blocks to releasing any dis-ease that isn't working for your body or your mind - .I enjoy helping you realize and achieve your goals of health and happiness while also teaching you the tools you need to maintain your results all on your own. 

Cosmos Chi Kung and Shaolin training enable me to assess and treat patients at a much higher level than simply diagnosing and curing disease or eliminating symptoms.  I hope to help you adjust all aspects of your life that need attention to ensure you feel happier, more fulfilled and better able to excel in everything you do.  I utilize Perception Counseling, Acupuncture and adjunctive therapies like Cupping and Gua Sha, Chinese Herbal Medicine and nutritional supplementation plus simple yet powerful Chi Kung exercises to achieve a quick resolution to your issues and provide you with a means to prevent the recurrence of disease in the future!  Therapies are tailored directly to your needs and comfort level.  

As a Chi Kung Healer I perform medical Chi Kung - opening energy flow in patients simply through transmission of the meditative state of mind and energizing acupuncture points with a gentle touch to enhance the flow of energy throughout your body and mind - no needles needed!  

Enhancing energy flow in this way helps you achieve a better result in less time with a built in practice to ensure your result is lasting.  These treatments are truly unique and singularly powerful across a broad range of issues.  

I am one of only 8 fully certified Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung Instructors in the United States.

I  continue to train in Cosmos Chi Kung and Shaolin Kung Fu, regularly traveling to Asia and Europe to learn from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, my Sifu, or hosting the Grandmaster here in the states.  All so I can continue to reap the tremendous results in my own life and enjoy passing this incredible art on to others.  My greatest happiness (besides my amazing family) is helping others obtain the tremendous health and vitality I enjoy thanks to Chi Kung and Chinese Medicine.

When I'm not in the clinic or practicing the Zen Arts - I am fully utilizing the patience and energy I develop from my Chi Kung practice to enjoy the wild pace and unbelievable beauty of the moment with my two young sons.  Learning to see the world through these young eyes is my new favorite past time and it continues to afford me the most rewarding challenges and ever expanding awareness of my self and my own perceptual filters on the world while teaching me to take myself so so so much less seriously : )

Fun Fact: I am a fourth generation St Petersburg native and happy to live in this little slice of paradise.  Raised in St Pete I enjoyed sailing competitively at the highest levels and I consider myself wildly lucky to be very well traveled from the international competitions I attended throughout Europe and South America and adventures with my family.  Experiencing so many different cultures growing up has a strong impact on my general sympathy towards the beauty of the human condition and the deep vein of connection and similarities that unite us all.  It is with this respect that I am so fulfilled in being able to utilize the incredible medical arts of the East to soothe and ease the lives of those here in the West.


embrace Joy

Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think


embrace Joy

Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think


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It all started when...

I randomly attended a Chi Kung seminar in Jacksonville Florida in 2006.  Completely unaware that my course in life was about to take a dramatic turn in the most amazing direction.  

Quite frankly I gave up on my belief that the classical descriptions of Chi Kung and Kung Fu benefits like Internal Force, the energy needed to make a small woman as powerful as a large man, really existed in a way I could learn and train here in the West,  Even the arts I found in China paled in comparison to what I thought surely must be possible.

So paying over 600 dollars for a 3 day seminar in Jacksonville of all places was a sideways step I took on pure intuitive feeling.  Thank the cosmos I did!

Now my Cosmos Chi Kung practice gives me tremendous energy, a striking realization of mental calm and clarity and the ability to truly listen when my Spirit speaks, as well as a deep sense of internal peace that makes life a truly dazzling and fulfilling stroll through the park, rather than a stress filled race to the finish.  I am better at every single thing I do thanks to this amazing art.  

The only thing more exciting than the tremendous benefits Chi Kung gives me, is that I am able to pass this art on to you. 


You yourself, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and affection.
— Guatama Buddha
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got zen?

wanna know how?

got zen?

wanna know how?

what is zen?

What are you like when stress hits the fan?  Are you tight with anxiety and repetitively worried about details? Nauseous with irritable bowels?  Distracted with a side helping of road rage? Awake again or collapsed after a glass and a half of wine?

Or maybe you see life getting hectic and feel invigorated with challenge? Certain of success and joyfully engaged. Maybe you stay relaxed and find you had more energy for the situation then expected.  Maybe you even realized some personal growth.

Most of us are a bit of both.  Those of us who practice Chi Kung and the Shaolin Arts are training our hearts and minds every day to be as close to a state of Zen as we can be even amongst the tallest of weeds in our garden.  Releasing the build up of fight or flight responses and reinstating the natural rhythms that ensure health and happiness in order to clear disease and prevent future issues. 

Zen is a state of mind where we find our Heart reigns supreme, our intellect is calmed and receptive rather than agitated and reactive and cosmic truth helps us to realize the least resistance to the flow of life and our own expression of inner nature.  In other words - Zen is our happy place and a garden worth cultivating.

Is Zen a religion?

A Zen state of Mind can be highly spiritual but it is not religious.  If you are a religious person you will find your faith enhanced and more fully realized with Zen training.  Higher energy increases mental clarity and the ability to absorb teachings of wisdom into the spirit not just obtain intellectual understanding.  True faith blooms through direct experience of the beauty of creation - Chi Kung and Zen meditation help us to access this regardless of what faith we identify with.

If you are non-religious you will still experience a transformative spiritual experience with Zen training,  You will become happier, more relaxed and more resilient in every way, more compassionate and generous and you will feel more fulfilled no matter what you do in life.  This is a sign of a healthy spirit.

do i Chi Kung or meditate?

Do better - do both.  In Shaolin Wahnam we learn to enter the Zen state of Mind as a prerequisite for every art we do.  In fact if you don't enter the Zen, or Chi Kung state of mind you will not be doing Chi Kung, or TaiJiChuan or Shaolin Kung Fu or Standing Zen Meditation.  You will be doing either gentle or vigorous external physical exercise, or just standing around - rather than enhancing energy flow through the body mind and spirit.

Our Chi Kung is complete - from standing stillness, movement is generated.  Then directed movement enhances the quality and quantity of energy.  Next we let go to completely free flowing, undirected energy movement to heal our body and mind by clearing blockages and restoring natural energy rhythms.  Finally quiescence returns in the stillness and ease of standing Zen meditation.

This is moving meditation and standing stillness combined to offer you a truly incredible and surprisingly enjoyable way to realize the benefits of Zen training in a ridiculously small amount of time - only 5-10 minutes a day!.

Zen is a daily practice and it requires the daily application of your skills to the constant variance of life's ups and downs.  Training daily makes living life easier, more fulfilling and more rewarding on every level.  

do i take the health or the vitality course?

My Course for restoring health with Chi Kung is for anyone who wants to learn real Chi kung for the first time.  You may have a serious disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis or you may just have chronic neck pain and anxiety from some old car accidents.  You may be healthy but feel life is just missing something - like happiness. Regardless of your severity of pain or illness (I even have students in wheelchairs) you can and will succeed in achieving the aims of this course.  This is the right place to start no matter the issue - learn the most basic skills of great Chi Kung - like entering the Zen state of mind and allowing your body to generate a healing flow of energy.   Once you learn and train these skills for just a few months you will have no reason to doubt the tremendous impact of Cosmos Chi Kung and Zen training on your health and happiness.

The Vitality class is for those who already practice our wonderful Chi Kung daily and are healthy and ready for more challenging exercises from TaiJiChuan and Shaolin Kung Fu with the specific aims of using these arts to increase flexibility, strength, balance and grace as well as vitality and mental clarity.  Take your training to the next level and find out just how much better it can get!