July 15-20, 2018  Pyrénées, France

The practice of yoga and meditation go far beyond moving your body into shapes and forcing yourself to sit still. It's about living your yoga, being present, and observing the "Self" as we move through this world. Trekking through the Pyrénées is the perfect place to put these practices into action. Monitoring your breath, the surface that’s ahead, the feel of the earth beneath your feet, and the ambience of your surroundings requires you to drop into nature as if you’re being re-birthed into this earth. We invite you to join us for 5 days of adventure hiking and trekking high mountains of the Pyrénées full of yoga, mountain meditation.

Retreat package includes: 

  • Gite accommodations (includes home-cooked brunch and dinners)
  • Guided meditation daily with Hillary Talbott 
  • Personal Nakshatra Meditation Mantra 
  • Daily Yoga with Jade Skinner 
  • 2 Workshops 
  • Guided Hikes 
  • Refuge accommodations (includes cereal breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner) 
  • A trip to the mineral baths at Bain du Rocher (my absolute favorite part!)
  • Transportation from/to Lourdes to Blue Carin Lodge
  • *This retreat does not include airfare, train or any other leisure transportation or extra accommodation fees outside of venue).