In our last post we chatted about qi and consciousness. 

This week we will begin to decipher the terms Yin and Yang. Let’s start with some basic examples and then move into deeper explanation. 

Notice the Taoist symbol for Yin and Yang. The dot of black within white and vice versa denotes that fact that you can’t have one without the other. They are mutually encompassing AND engendering. 

The line in the middle signifies the dance of balance that is always happening between the two. It’s really never 50/50 because all living things are constantly in flux- the idea that change is always certain. 

And finally -the circular nature signifies that life will go round and round. Birth and death are just as certain as the sun and moon rising and setting and always will be as long as their is life. 

Here are some words used to describe the concept of Yin




that which has form



nourishing liquids of the body

divine feminine


the valley of the mountain or being the mountain


Here are some words used to describe the concept of Yang







qi without form

masculine energy

climbing the mountain

Sometimes you’ll get a diagnosis or yin deficiency or yang deficiency or both when you are really depleted. You might hear us say things like, “We are going to boost your yang, or nourish yin to engender Yang. Or in the case of yin deficiency, “Let's nourish your cooling fluids to close the gap on the deficiency of yang that is giving you false heat signs.” You see if we simply cleared heat in your body you might feel great for a day, but then you would ultimately be depleted in yin AND yang. We only clear heat in the case of true excess. The cool part is you don’t have to understand where you are, you can leave the art of diagnosing to us. 

Hillary Talbott Roland, DOM, FABORM