IF you find yourself wondering how January blew by, you’ve got a second chance for a fresh start. The Chinese New Year is almost here. This year it falls on February 16th, 2018. It is the year of the Earth Dog in a Fire Year meaning it will exhibit all of the yang qualities of Earth like growth and nurturing. 

Chinese calendar predictions of the coming year are made from the qualities of the element of the year in addition to the animal and it’s corresponding element. While we see a fire element years every 5 years from now, we won’t see another Earth Dog year for 60 more years to be exact. Here’s a little of what you could expect and trends you could notice. 

Consider the elements of an Earth element person when in balance. They are sturdy, they grow steadily, they are nurturing to those around them, they exercise empathy, there can be a bountiful harvest. Now consider the qualities of say a chocolate lab. They’re joyfully tolerant to all, loyal to a few select, and always in the present moment. 

When the earth person or zodiac sign of the dog are out of balance there are squabbles and worries over stability and boundaries. This is a perfect time of year to patiently cultivate an abundance outlook, reminding yourself, “There is always enough. Resist nothing and all is coming.” 

The governing element is Fire which presents an overall need for communication, connection, joyful experiences, movement, and rebirth. A fantastic mantra for this year for many may very well be, Agni Mili Purohitam, which translates into I welcome the transformation that the fire brings. This can remind you to find your tribe, the people that lift you up and are there for you as you grow and transform. Without them you risk feeling lonely, much life a dog waiting on it’s owners. 

The year of the Earth Dog is suited for spiritual development and can also be one of the most supportive for changing habits, either letting go of one that’s plagued us like smoking or sugar binging or starting a healthy one like daily mediation, intense breathing exercises like Wim Hof, or qi gong. If you are looking to make lifestyle changes that stick, capture the energy of the Earth Dog and ask your practitioner what they think would be a good avenue for you and your specific situation. 

We are here for you always with all the love and compassion of the Earth Dog.