Vitality Chi Kung

Beginning Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chuan Training

Welcome to the next level of Zen Arts.  You are healthy - now you can begin to build vitality - gaining the energy to do everything you need to do as well as all that stuff you want to do!  Even better you will learn to enjoy whatever you do to the fullest.  Vitality training is the way to longevity and true internal joy.

The following features will be highlighted in all Vitality level courses.  Click the pictures or titles below to visit our mother school page for information specific to these skills and techniques.  Explore the Shaolin Wahnam website for videos as well as incredible insight and advice from a living Grandmaster of the Art of Zen and the Shaolin Arts of Chi Kung, Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan.


Entering the Chi Kung State of Mind

The first and most important skill we learn in Cosmos Chi Kung is how to enter a Chi Kung, or Meditative state of mind.  The big secret - Relax.  Relax.  Relax.

Learning to become aware of and releasing unnecessary mental and physical tension in order to achieve a relaxed, focused and energized state of being is the only way to achieve the highest level results in the shortest period of time.

We will begin and end our practice in Standing Zen mediation, utilizing the Chi Kung State of mind to increase our mental clarity and perception of ourselves and the world we live in.  Deepen your awareness and understanding of just how much more there is to life than our phenomenal world distractions and stressors.  

Don't believe in "more" - it doesn't matter.  Experience what awaits and decide on your own just how beautiful life can be.

Click here to watch video and gain insight into the Chi Kung State of Mind on

Cosmos Chi Kung

In Vitality Class we will take our Chi Kung to the next level.  While still utilizing staples like Lifting the Sky, we will broaden our idea of how to relax and flow doing Chi Kung exercises that challenge our balance and stability as well as basic muscular strength.

Can you relax and flow standing on one leg?  Can you enjoy Chi Kung while stance training?  

Check out the videos of the 18 Lohan Arts Chi Kung here!


Shaolin Stance Training

Build Strength and Nourish Dan Tian while challenging your body to relax the muscles and allow flowing energy to hold these positions for you.  Develop tremendous energy and ground yourself at the same time.  

One Finger Shooting Zen

The treasure of Shaolin is an amazing art to develop all aspects of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

This is the best of the best and we will work our way through many different skills using this one incredible art form.

We will also get a glimpse of how to use these movements to actually protect our selves in the unlikely event we need to move fast and confidently.


Standing Zen Meditation

Whether attaining a one-pointed mind or a zero pointed mind - the highest heights of Zen meditation are yours to enjoy without the pretzel position you fear!  We end all of our session in a few quality moments of standing Zen.

Read this article by Sifu on why we practice Standing Meditation rather than seated meditation.

Read an article by Sifu Wong on the difference between Tatagata Zen and Patriarch Zen approaches to meditation.

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